Artist Statement

Animal Inspiration

Looking for beauty, feeling, surprise, and presence.

I learn by looking and watching.   I like to paint something that catches my eye or imagination.  I get ideas from what I see including landforms, landmarks. animals, people and scenes and I get ideas from what I would like to see.  Color  and fabric combinations as well as functional use are inspiration for making things.  I make quilts,  felt animals, and concrete sculpture with emphasis on dogs.   I also enjoy making oversized concrete pears.  I am currently immersing in art while pursuing a BFA from CSU Pueblo.  I have recently taken ceramics and printmaking.  

My aim is to create meaningful pieces that bring recognition to the viewer.  I hope I can pick a landmark that may be overlooked but may be in the back of the viewers mind and is recognized.  I like to capture a moment that displays a reminiscent animal trait or position.  I also want to express a feeling: peace, unconditional love, inner beauty, loyalty, trust, tenderness, sense of fun, or whimsey.  

I am Inspired by the lives and art of  Rosa Bonheur, Romare Bearden, Kaffe Fasset and Katharine Lane Weems.  

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Art Maker

Heidi's Cottage




I enjoyed drawing and painting as a child.  
My mother taught me how to sew as a young child and I have made quilts for over 30 years.  I purchased a long-arm quilting machine and quilted professionally while living in Tillamook, Oregon.  I feel quilting has enhanced my color appreciation and design.  
I enrolled in art classes at TBCC taught by Christine Harrison.

I was invited to have a solo show (called Animal Magnetism) at Tillamook Pioneer Museum in 2008.  It included drawings, water colors, acrylic paintings, quilts and concrete animals.  Shortly after the show a community group participating with the Ford Family Foundation chose Christine Harrison and me as the artists for a public art project making 3 life-sized cows made out of a cement and organic material mixture.   The project took 2 years.  Christine and I worked with the Tillamook high school welding teacher (Max Sherman) and students to make the rebar armature.    Community members helped with the concrete.  Art students from the 3 high schools painted the cows.  One is a reclining cow that is a bench.  It is near the courthouse in  Tillamook.  The other two cows are standing: one is in front of a grange and one is next to a preschool. 


Tillamook Cow Bench


Welding with Mr. Sherman

Christine Harrison and I at the studio

Community participation





Lambeau and Gabie



ceramic and cement


Quilt Art

Exploring design and color




Puppy on Couch


Heel biter


Quilted pillow

Paint Brushes

Education and Skills

Heidi Clemens

Pursuing BFA CSU Pueblo currently.
Art Classes at Tillamook Bay Community College. 
University of Colorado- BS Physical Therapy 1983
University of Colorado- BA Biology 1982

Drawing, painting, quilting, ceramics and printmaking.  I like making things and fixing things.  My dad had said that I am handy.  I am good at finding things.  I have 33 years experience as a Physical Therapist.  


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Susan Adams

Carla and Gary Albright

Laura Clemens

Diane Colcord

Kathy Favret

Kelly Fletcher

Laurette Fletcher

Christine Harrison


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